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Oasis Of Hope - 2009

By Shereen Bhan On 06th Aug 2014
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Finally after almost 7 years- we are online! This is the perfect opportunity for me to reminisce! What started, as an experiment to find “fresh faces” for the channel has become one of my most cherished projects. There have been days when I have struggled to find time to put the show together but I have never thought of calling it quits. I think there are several reasons why. It was in a sense my first long format feature show, it has built a really strong brand over the years, we have perhaps the largest community of bright, articulate, passionate entrepreneurs in the country and it is one of the longest running shows on the channel. But as I sit and watch videos of the shows we did as far back as 2002, I realize, the reason I love this show so much is because it is my oasis of hope. This show has reinforced my belief in the power of the human spirit. Dreaming is easy, but going after a dream is the hard part. Every young entrepreneur, professional profiled on the show has proven that we are not limited by our constraints but only strengthened by them. This show has captured the very essence of entrepreneurship-resilience. Keep at it till you get to the goal post, even if it keeps shifting. So thank you- All 682 of you for sharing your stories and your dreams with us. I hope your tribe continues to grow. The Young Turks team loves hearing from you so do keep sending us your feedback, suggestions and profiles. Also do use this platform to get talking about issues that matter to young dreamers. Till the next post-carpe diem.

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