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Young Turks On The Road

By yt On 21st Jan 2014
Facebook Twitter After completing 150 episodes of Young Turks, we decided to go On The Road.

For 5 months we spanned the country in search of young entrepreneurs and achievers. The journey began in Bangalore and we made our way to Goa, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and finally Punjab.

Through out our journey we met young achievers keen on being a part of the great India story. From first generation entrepreneurs to inheritors of a family legacy to some who gave up lucrative careers abroad to come back home. From real estate, auto, IT, life sciences, animation and agro-processing our Young Turks have made their mark in practically every field. All of them had one thing in common- the spirit of entrepreneurship and the determination, drive and will to make their businesses success stories.

6 cities, 47 guests in 5 months! The Young Turks On The Road experience meant crazy hours, insane deadlines, vagaries of the weather, traffic, food fights, and hard labour but all in all lots of fun.

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