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For Women By Women

By Manica Chetty On 09th Jun 2015
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I have a Masters Degree in Business Information Technology from Middlesex University, London. I was working in ICM Direct, a market research company for 3 years before returning to India, my home base. After assisting my father in the family's real estate business, I felt that it was absolutely essential to initiate and connect my educational degree and my entrepreneurial instincts and work on a business idea that would be useful to working women. Thus was born Addiemall - Digital Marketing for Women in Business was born. The initial capital of about INR 2 lakh was sourced from personal savings, family and friends. Addiemall offers all forms of digital marketing services in a creative and custom made way to women oriented businesses of all types around the globe. We offer SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Email Marketing and much more. starting up was very difficult since we had to figure out Marketing, CRM, Revenue Model etc. Our Team size is 10 which comprises operations like Content Writing,SEO, Analytics and Performance Management, Finance and Administration etc. Now Addiemall is producing good results when compared to the initial investments we made. 


Challenges we faced:

Our challenge was setting up a proper e-purchasing platform so that clients from all around the world could sign up online for our marketing plans. Initially our first website was a blunder and it wasn’t successful. So after lots of setbacks we decided to spend more on building our website. Now when we see the results we feel that our decision  to invest more in web development was really worth it.


Another highlight of  Addiemall would be our blog “Divas”, through which we offer guidance and support to women through guidance and inspirational articles. We have been mentored by Cherie Blair Foundation for women and are partners with, a social networking site for women. We have reached out to organizations like, a free online educational portal and WEconnect(a networking institution for women entrepreneurs)


In the future: 

We plan to open offices in major cities in USA, UK and UAE. We also plan to  improve our traction, infrastructure and team size. We also plan to offer Addiemall's e-shopping services at a regional level and reach out to as many women oriented non-profits as possible through funding and free services.

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