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“A Reason” To Start-up

By Jay Patel On 20th Mar 2014
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Growing up around engineers and scientists, I had to be another one but I chose a different path in my career which I am going to share with you guys.


My childhood 


I did my primary education from a small city in Rajasthan, Kota. And that's when I realised that you can't get rich by working in a 9 to 5 government job. You have to take things in your control and put in your maximum to achieve something. I wanted to do something of my own but I was too young to take a decision.


During my childhood, unlike others, my toys were LEDs and soldering irons and along with my elder brother I used create some interesting projects like lighting for Diwali & multi-tone doorbells.

The entrepreneurial journey


My father got posted in Mumbai and that’s when the real journey of my life started. I was an average student and used to play sports for fun. For me, it was not very difficult to adjust to the new city and make new friends.


I was 13 when we got our first PC at home and very soon my toys evolved to processors and programming languages. I was amazed to experience how a simple piece of code can save time and money. During college days, I used to cover my daily expenses by creating websites and repairing desktops for companies and individuals.


The story of HETU


To get real industry experience, I started working for a NGO and an outdoor media company on a profit share basis for a year. Unfortunately, I could not earn a pay cheque but the learning that experience helps me even today. I was learning both the operations side of things as well as marketing and that’s where I got a push.

I joined hands with my best friend Kunal, who was also on a similar path and we started this company and named it HETU (means “a reason” in sanskrit). It was difficult to convince our parents during the initial days of the startup because all our friends were working for big companies in USA and UK and we were earning nothing. But soon after observing our passion and the effort we put into our work they came around.

We had a clear vision of helping companies achieve their business goals using software technologies and in our initial years we got good opportunities to work with big corporates of India.

We are also trying to organise and simplify the most unorganised sectors like real estate, catering and travel by creating web and mobile products.

On a different note, we also tried to create a network of panipuri stalls & t-shirt stalls across Chembur but failed to get the return of investment.


What keeps me going?


I love what I do and I try to put my best in whatever I take up. I have not found a good mentor yet who can guide me in business and this has forced me to learn from the people I meet and attend training workshops and events. I have done certifications on Design Thinking, Behavioural Economics, from the top universities of the world like Stanford & University of Virginia and always look for new avenues to make my work better.

I will always be thankful to my brother and my business partner, Kunal for guiding me and showing me a direction and my parents for letting me do what I wanted to do.






















Future Goals

Our future goal is to innovate and create software products that will help companies in their business and simplify the lives of individuals; and that’s where all our attempts are pointed each and every day.

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