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Here Come The Digi-wale!

By Pratik Gandhi On 29th Jan 2014
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I started my academic journey as an engineering drop-out which made me think that I was doomed to be a super failure. With that thinking in mind, I quit studying and joined a friend's firm to do some marketing for about a year and half; when that was not enough, I joined a BPO for 11 months where I earned a little more money.


With whatever money I had in pocket, I thought of taking up some education. Because I knew little bit of marketing, I took up an MBA which really changed my life. My passion for the internet was then coupled with a study of marketing and this gave my journey an amazing turn.


As a student, I started with Equinox Solutions, wherein I acted as a consultant to a few local brands and did a few events with friends. I also did many workshops, seminars in digital marketing for free at my college and outside just to spread awareness about the Equinox. 


At the same time, I also interned at Amdocs as a Branding Consultant for 2 months and later-on joined as a social media intern at QED Baton. This is where I was introduced to the real start-up culture wherein I helped various start-up brands excel in social media branding.


In the last trimester of my MBA, I got an offer from a Pune based ad agency to start their digital marketing arm. Within 6 months itself, I got 25+ clients for them and worked with some of the best brands in India. 


With that great experience, I went to London to get some international exposure and to learn about the developments in digital marketing in-depth. When I came back, I quit the ad agency and started to work independently. Soon I started my second venture Digiwale -  Digital Marketing Agency on June 30th, 2013 i.e. on World Social Media Day with fellow hustlers. Six months down the line, we have a team strength of 10 with 30+ clients from India, US, UK and the Middle East.

We recently opened sales offices in Palo Alto, Burlingame (USA) and London (UK)

This is my start-up story!


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